Thursday, August 4, 2011


What a fun Thursday:

This morning I wake up relatively early, on my own.  I decide to just be lazy for a good while, and *maybe* do a little cleaning before my 12:15 eye appointment.  So 9:30, I'm just chillin' at the computer when I get a call from the RE's office.  My appointment is not until tomorrow, but the Dr has decided he wants me to come in and start stims TODAY!  

So I take a quick shower and ask DH if he wants to tag along.  He agrees and slllllllloooooooooowly gets out of bed.  We look over the consent forms once more (and have a nice little spat about the whole what-to-do-with-potential-frozen-embryos-in-the-case-of-our-death thing) and head to the office.  Dr comes in and profusely apologizes for wearing jeans since he didn't originally intend to see patients today.  Does the ultrasound, everything looks good.  Get poked in the arm again, fun times.

Then I go to my eye appt and *supposedly* my last eye doctor had me over-corrected in my right eye.  I apparently should be wearing -6.5 instead of the -7 I have been wearing (yes, I'm about as blind as a bat!)

After that appt, we go to UCLA for DH to run a quick errand, then he drops me off at the pharmacy.  I pay a whopping $860 for 4 days worth of Menopur and Follistim.  Then I come right back out and DH is not waiting for me outside, so I try to call him.  But whaddya know, I'm stuck in the middle of Westwood and can't get any service on my phone.  So I borrow a phone from someone, and of course DH's phone won't ring either.  So I'm just left waiting outside, slightly annoyed.  Annoyance turns into slightly freaking out about where the hell he could be and why the hell he is taking so long.  45 minutes later he comes around the block, and says he was stuck at one light for the last 30 minutes (although I suspect he probably drove a lot further away then he needed to!) I come home, relax a little more, then have my little injection party around 7:30.

Gotta say, I think the Follistim pen is pretty nifty, although clumsy ol' me ended up stabbing myself afterwards while trying to unscrew the needle. I had a little trouble mixing the Menopur; probably should have used the Q-cap to draw up the meds instead of that long needle it came with.  And I had heard that one stings quite a bit so I sure am glad I saved it for last!!

So even though this was one hectic busy day, I'm glad the appointment is out of the way.  Now I can use that free time tomorrow to.......CLEAN!  My sister & BIL are coming to visit from San Jose.  Hooray Hooray! I get to be someone's "tour guide" in LA! :)

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  1. Yay for starting stims!!!! Hoping that all goes well and your cycle is a huge success.