Friday, March 26, 2010

**** you, BCBS!

DH just got this copy of a letter from his insurance company in the mail today:

"Dear Board of Regents:

In reviewing the claims for this patient, we found that a payment was made to you....of $156.36.  However, we have determined that these services were for a preexisting condition, and under the patient's benefit plan, benefits are not available.  If we do not receive the overpayment of $156.36 within 30 days..." yada yada yada


We're now looking at having to pay at least $750 for ONE appointment. DH is calling first thing Monday morning and canceling the insurance. If this is the shit we have to go through for a few piddly little blood tests, I am not looking forward to IVF.

Not like "Obamacare" is gonna help any with fertility treatments.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To the flag....

Exciting news today: DH passed his citizenship test!!!

Not like it was hard or anything (although I'm sure quite a few natural-born citizens may even miss some of the easiest questions...)   But the whole process of getting PR status had been quite a journey, and now he's made it to citizen; it feels great to put these worries behind us now.

DH was a little bit sad about having to "give up" his home country, as the U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship.  That means he will now have to get a visa when he goes back to visit his own family.  How weird is that?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Maybe it's better

The other day we got DH's insurance "EOB" in the mail.  And gee wouldn't you know, practically NOTHING was covered.  So we may owe over $500.  What's the point of insurance then?  Now these are all for the lab services on Jan 11th.  Can't wait to see what they try to do about the renal u/s visit.  If they try to not cover that I will be raising some hell.  Can you imagine if someone actually is born with only one kidney, and their insurance wouldn't want to pay for any treatment cuz it's a "pre-existing condition?"  Well no shit.  Stupid insurance.

So maybe it's good that we won't be doing the MESA here cuz this insurance sucks ass.  But then again, it may not be any better in California.  I read online about some states that have "mandatory infertility coverage" but from what I see there's still no guarantee.

On a positive note, DH is flying back in from CA tonight.  I missed him a lot this weekend.