Monday, March 26, 2012

Holy crap I'm 8 months pregnant!

....and then some.  Here are some updates on week 34:

- I am constantly told how small I am for being 8 months along.  I was told by my doctor to gain 25 pounds throughout this pregnancy, and today I hit the 25 pound mark.  "All belly" though.  As long as baby is on track, then I'm definitely ok with that.

-I interviewed a couple of doulas, and have decided on one.  I've also been listening to the Hypno.babies program at home so I'm hoping to be prepared as I can for the labor.

-Even though it's REALLY late in the game, I am switching to a different OB.  I have my 1st appointment with her on Thursday.  (This is the doctor I originally wanted to go to, but she was on maternity leave when I graduated from the RE).  At my last appt, the OB made me feel really uncomfortable when I brought up the topic of delayed cord clamping.  He said, in a mocking tone of voice, that he would try his best to accommodate my wishes.  But then kept making what I think are BS excuses for his own convenience.  "But the baby has to go in the warmer to be suctioned."  Bullshit.  I'm the warmer.  You can suction the baby while he's skin to skin with me...... It definitely didn't help that while I was waiting in the exam room, I could hear him in his office screaming on the phone: "You are not an honest man! I want my carpet back!"........Yeah, not the kind of attitude I want to put up with, especially if he was attending my birth.

-DH has been in Bangladesh for 5 weeks now; 2 weeks until he is back home.  It has definitely been tough.  I am so grateful, though, that this time I have a more reliable means to communicate with him (whereas when he was in Europe a few years ago, I pretty much had to wait on him to call me since he didn't have the same phone number all the time).  Skype is also great, although sometimes I feel like being able to see him makes it a little harder in a way.  Last week I was Skyping with him and just suddenly broke down crying because I wanted sooo bad to jump through the computer screen and hug him.  How do military wives do this?

-My mom has been staying with me for the past 3 weeks.  It has definitely been great to have her help with the laundry, groceries, dishes, cleaning, etc while I'm at work.  She has also been working on knitting a cute baby blanket, and last night we assembled the crib.  However, there are many many times where I feel like ripping my hair out when she's around.  Every day I come home from work, I have to tell her that I need some peace and quiet, some "me" time for at least 30 minutes......otherwise she will yap my ear off from the time I enter the door until I go to bed.   Next week is Spring Break so I'll be having to find some ways to keep ourselves

-This Saturday is my baby shower that my church is having for me.  I really did not expect any kind of a shower because I am relatively new to the church.  But the ladies organizing it are so excited, apparently they're making it some big church luncheon....crazy.  I feel a little awkward to be the "center of attention," but I am excited that these new friends want to celebrate my baby :)

I apologize for the random jumbled post.  There is so much going through my head these days it's hard to just sit down and write anything more coherent. I will try to get better about this ;)