Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pulling the trigger

This morning was my last office visit & u/s before the egg retrieval...which is Monday! AUGH!!!

So today we saw about 11-12 follicles.  But of those, only 5 are really the lead follies (ranging from 16-18mm).  Dr said he didn't want to continue stims because he is most concerned about those leads, and doesn't want them to become post-mature by the retrieval.  As for the other eggs, he says they *may* be able to mature them in the lab after retrieval.  We shall see.

Tonight is the HCG trigger! This is my first intramuscular injection, so DH is stepping up his game and doing it for me.  This time he will be sticking a 1&1/2 inch long needle in my ass instead of doodling on it.  What joy!


  1. AHHH! Good luck :) So exciting! Hope your retrieval goes perfectly!

  2. Good Luck looks like you are one day ahead of me. We are triggering tonight! Best Wishes on you ER!