Friday, March 18, 2011

Documentary trailer and more updates

The other day I happened to stumble across this video on youtube:

This looks like it will be a really awesome infertility awareness documentary! Another cool thing is that one of our doctors is one of the experts in this film.  It's great to know we're in an area where we have these doctors who are real leaders in this field!

In other news: My 100-panel CF screening was negative. Hooray! Plus the glucose test was normal so I don't have to think about taking Metformin.  Yippee! The Dr. did however recommend I repeat glucose tests every 2 years to monitor my health.  Makes sense to be on the safe side, as my dad developed type 2 diabetes and I have a sister with hypoglycemia.  So I get to look forward to more good times downing a bottle of what tastes like orange gatorade with a buttload of sugar in it.  It's cool, I've done worse....

So it looks like we should be able to cycle the very end of June/beginning of July.  Dr. wants me to do a sonohysterogram about a month before.  (Dear insurance, please cover it).  And there's the financial stress on top of our prior plans for the summer.....but that is a post for another time.