Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hooray for Healthy Uterus!

I went in for the sonohysterogram on Thursday.  Everything looks great and ready to move forward!

Gotta say, the procedure was a *bit* painful/uncomfortable.  As soon as he put the catheter in I instantly got really crampy and sweaty and feeling very impatient, wanting to get up and move around already.  I was thinking to myself "Oh crap, what am I getting myself into if I can't even stand just this one little thing?"  

So the plan for now is:  we are going to Bangladesh for a month, and I will continue the BC there.  Dr. wants me to call as soon as we get back, and then start on Lupron, and then start stims.  He was a little concerned that our urologist may be out of town at the very end of August, so we're hoping the timeline will work out perfectly.  

I'm starting to actually get excited about this, like holy moly this is really gonna happen!