Friday, August 12, 2011

Movin' right along

Here I am, after 8 days of stims and boy let me tell you: the emotions are going wild! Especially yesterday morning, just about every little thing was making me cry.  Even just looking at my bookshelf and the waterworks would just start from looking at the TITLES of some books. *sigh* I'm such a crybaby.
And, I probably shouldn't have been quick to say I'd be a "pro" at these injections.  The Menopur mixing had been a little tricky for me at first, but certainly even more after trying to mix TWO vials.  The other night, I just had the hardest time trying to draw up the saline without getting huge air bubbles in it.  And after that, trying not to let the plunger move because it apparently has a mind of its own when there's too much air in the vials.  After I'd done the very best I could, I was left with what was definitely not one FULL cc of solution, and I nearly broke down crying thinking that I just couldn't get it right and it would screw everything up.  Last night I made DH mix it for me.  He decided to forego the Q-cap and just use the long needle to draw up the meds instead.  He actually seemed to be handling that syringe a lot better than I did.  Still ended up with a *little* less than 1 full cc, but I suppose it was the best we could get.

Well yesterday afternoon I had my u/s and right away he saw that my lining was looking great at 7.7mm, so I guess the Menopur was working after all. (Oh, to answer a previous comment: yes, I have been taking the baby aspirin so I guess that is helping too).  Then we checked what my ovaries are doing, and I think he only counted about 9 follicles.  Mostly ranging from 11-14.5mm, but there were a couple small ones too.  He said there were 6 "lead" follicles that he should definitely be able to use.  According to him, everything was looking good and so there was no need to up any meds.  However, I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed.  I guess I was hoping we could see more follies than that...I guess to have more of a "buffer" for error.  But hey, if we get *just enough* to have a healthy baby, that's good enough for me.  I have my next u/s tomorrow morning, so we will see how the follies are doing.  My ovaries have been KILLING me these last couple of days (seriously, today I can barely walk without feelin' the pain) so I hope that means we'll see some really GOOD ones.  I should be triggering tomorrow night, and then Monday is the egg retrieval/MESA.  This past week, the fear finally got to me and I started feeling really nervous and queasy looking at the chart at the Dr's office that explains the retrieval.  Yikes!

Funny story: At the appointment yesterday, the Dr. told DH "[Your doctor] should be calling you within the next couple of days to let you know what you need before the MESA. Now, he'll be doing it without the anesthesia; I believe he does that with most of his patients. But if you want the anesthesia, just let them know beforehand."  DH just quietly nodded and said "Ok."  But as soon as the doc and nurse left the room, he starts hyperventilating and goes:
"No anethesia?? I'm not doing it! I'm not doing it!"
"Well ok then, ask for the anesthesia if you're scared."
This conversation went on for some time after the appointment:
"I'm not doing it without anestheeeeeeesiaaaaaaaaa" (in his acting voice).
"He said most guys do it without anesthesia so it must not be that bad."
"NO! NO! I'm not doing it! I'm not cutting my balls, I'm not doing it!"
Then again, in the car:
"I mean, WHY would anybody do it without anesthesia? Do you know how much it hurts just to get hit with a ball there?"
Suddenly, I realized there was a communication barrier. ".....honey," I said, "When he said no anesthesia he just meant you won't be asleep, but of course they're going to use a LOCAL anesthetic."
"OH REALLY?!!!" DH lets out a huge sigh of relief.  "Well, I might be ok with a local anesthetic....yeah I think I'll be ok."
Poor DH.  Just goes to show we gotta be careful in how we communicate when we're caught up in all the medical lingo.

And another funny thing that happened this morning:  You see, DH has this funny habit of doodling on things when he is on the phone.  But instead of little squiggles or pictures, he just writes a word that pops up in conversation, and writes that word over and over and over and over again.  Kinda cute actually, but access to any writing utensil while he is on the phone can be dangerous.  I think he's only ever destroyed a couple important (but not irreplaceable) papers of mine.  But most of the time, there is no paper, so instead he doodles on the computer table. Or best of all, he is relaxing in the computer chair with his feet propped up on the wall and doodles on his thighs instead.  That's right, on his LEGS.  Even yesterday while we were waiting at the pharmacy, he got out his pen and started doodling on his leg.
So this morning, I woke up and was just lounging around in my underwear.  Then I went to the bathroom and as I was washing up, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a bruise on my backside. I was thinking "Oh crap! What is going on? Am I having a bad reaction to the meds? Let me see what is th....."  Turns out it was not a bruise.  Instead, there were several illegible words written on me.  So I went back to the bedroom to show DH.
"Um, honey? Did you DOODLE on my ass while I was sleeping?"
"What? No"
"Then what is THIS?"
"What is that?"
"Oh....I think I put my leg on you, that's why."
That's my goofy hubby for ya.

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