Monday, August 8, 2011

"Let's see what we've got cookin' here....."

....said the Doc as he stuck the good ol' ultrasound doodad up my hoo-hah.....

So I guess all is looking relatively well.  I have 7 follicles "cookin," ranging from 6-10.5 mm. Mostly in the 8-9ish range.  However, he says my lining is still a little on the low side: only about 4.4 mm.  The nurse poked my arm once again to test my estrogen levels, so they said they will call me later on today to let me know whether I need to go up to 2 amps Menopur, or still stay at one.

The injections have been treating me pretty good.  I have been icing my tummy before and after the Menopur and it definitely helps.  I think I'm slowly becoming a "pro" at these shots, although the other night it was possibly a little over-confidence that led to a little mishap.  The first 2 nights the Follistim was treating me well, and I only got a small bruise from the 1st night of the Menopur.  However, night 3, after I did the Follistim, I was on my way to grab the ice pack from the freezer before the last shot, and noticed I was feeling a little more stinging than I expected from the Follistim.  So I lifted my shirt and saw I was bleeding like crazy! (Ok well, maybe not THAT bad, but it was quite unusual).  So I had to clean that up, yet it managed to leave the biggest, nastiest bruise of all thus far.  My best guess as to what happened is I probably took the needle out too quickly and/or at the wrong angle and ended up ripping a bit more flesh (if that's possible?) Yuck.  That's not happening again.

As far as the symptoms, SO FAR I have only felt a *little* cramping.  The few times that I've felt slightly nauseous, I usually attributed it to other reasons at the moment (i.e. "Oh I just didn't eat breakfast yet" or "Oh I just gotta use the toilet").  Hmm, maybe I'll be okay during the 2ww?.....Nah, I'm pretty sure come the 2ww (our first ever LEGITIMATE 2ww at that) I will be going absolutely nuts analyzing every symptom.

Next appointment is on Thursday, and we may possibly see even more follicles then. Yay!

Update: Turns out, my estrogen is low, so tonight I did the 1 amp Menopur, but as of tomorrow I'm bumpin' it up to 2 

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  1. Hi Ruth, quick question about your lining: has your doctor suggested baby aspirin to help?