Tuesday, January 31, 2012

26 weeks update

- We had the repeat u/s on Dec. 29th.  They were able to get all the measurements they needed, and baby is right on track where he should be.  He kept hiding his face when they tried to take some 3D pics,  but they were finally able to get some good ones.  When we looked at the printouts, DH immediately thought that he looks like me.  I thought in one of the side profile pics he looks a little like my dad.  But then when DH showed the pics to his family and friends, they all say that he looks like him.  Typical, lol!  I guess we'll see in a few months. :)

-The belly has definitely exploded in the past month.  Now nobody is shy about asking or saying anything. Except for the first day back at work after winter break, one student was apparently asking my assistant when I was out of the classroom because he was too nervous to ask me.  She finally prompted him to ask me when I came back, but he wasn't sure what to say and said "Um....you have a big belly."  Made for a great social skills lesson, and then my students got very excited that I am having a baby..... And then immediately started counting down the months until I will be gone because they seem to think they will get to break all the rules lol!  Also, last week one of my students from last year approached me and said "Hey Mrs R, somebody told me that you're eating for 2 now....is that correct?"  I told him "Yes, you heard correctly."  Then he said, "Congratulations, Mrs. R.   Is it from....um...I forgot his name.....is it from Mr. R?"  Had me and another teacher cracking up- she said "This is not Jerry Springer here!"  LOL!  I know this student just wanted to find a way to talk about my DH since he met him before.....it just came out the wrong way.   Another good social skills lesson.

- Before pregnancy, I used to see women in public rubbing all over their own pregnant belly and I thought they just looked smug.  Now I realize how nearly impossible it is NOT to rub a little bit, especially when this little guy decides to start going wild and kicking while I'm out getting some groceries.  I'm pretty sure he's destined to be the next Karate Kid, lol!

-DH finally got to feel movement a couple weeks ago.  Anytime I felt baby moving a lot, I would grab DH's hand and put it on my belly and then...nothing.  And then DH would just get impatient and take his hand away.  Well one day I finally got him to touch it long enough to feel a little punch.  He got so excited and I'm so glad; I think it finally made this feel more real to him.  Now he takes the initiative to try and feel him move more, talk to him more, and at night he is sure to drape his arm over my belly while sleeping to feel as much as he can.  Little one has been really active at my bedtime this past week so that's good timing.....for now ;)

-This past Thursday, I went in to do the glucose test.  Haven't heard the results yet so I'm assuming we will find out at our OB appointment this Friday.  I'm feeling a little bit nervous about it.

-We also got to tour the maternity ward at the hospital last week.  Now I haven't seen any other maternity ward to compare this one to, but I was pretty impressed with the beds and how the nurse giving the tour seemed to encourage some natural methods.  I have been reading up on the Bradley method (and highlighted the chapters for DH to read....if I can get him to read....) I'm also trying out Hypnobabies....not entirely sure how I feel about it yet but with a couple listens it has really helped me to feel relaxed.  So hopefully I'll be able to use these techniques when the time comes.  We are still searching for a doula.