Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Subcutaneous gold

5 days of Lupron injections and so far giving myself the shots have been a piece of cake.  I haven't had a whole lot of side effects: I definitely had hot flashes the 2nd day but that was the only time.  I usually feel slightly dizzy or lightheaded afterwards, and also feel a little funny in my stomach, but I can't tell if that's actually from the Lupron or just leftover indigestion issues from the trip.  The first few days I only got a little redness and a small bump at the injection site, which went away within an hour.  So I was all happy thinking I would get another 2 weeks with an inconspicuous tummy, but then last night I bled a bit when I took the needle out and it left a bruise.  Pretty sure my abdomen will look like a battlefield before this is all over.

And once again, I am irked with my insurance.  At the appointment on Friday, DH and I were both asked to do an infectious diseases/STD screening that they need by the 10th.  The nurse recommended we go through our primary doctor since most insurances won't cover it if we go through their office.  DH had no problem with his student insurance and just went to the clinic on his campus. (We'll see if we get any nasty bills though...)  However, I call my assigned PCP (whom I have yet to even see), and they don't even have a single appointment available until the middle of August.  Scratch that.  Then I tried to find other doctors who are supposedly within my network and none of them will take my insurance.  This whole thing has got me thinking what is the point of insurance anyway? Ugh.  I'm thinking I just might as well go through the RE's office anyway.

Other than the irritation, DH and I are just trying to enjoy our summer at home.  Yesterday we went to the Harry Potter movie (cheeeeeeeeeeeesy!) and then went to our local farmer's market for the 1st time (never got a chance during the school year).  I think today I'll do some laundry to earn myself a chance to be lazy and lay out by the pool. :)

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  1. I had a similar experience with the Lupron -- unexpected bruising several days after starting! Part of it may be how hard I grasp that belly flab, though when I do the injections. LOL! Insurance sucks -- I also have NO idea why I have it, as it won't pay for anything that I need. At least, it seems that way! Hoping that you can find a way to get your testing done without having to pay out of pocket.