Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Now what?.....

After getting the all-clear from the RE yesterday, I thought I would be able to come back to work today drama-free.

Not so.

I had just gotten to my class and then 5 minutes later, our clinical supervisor walked in and says "Hi, I heard that you might be pregnant?"  (What? I have hardly told anyone at work but now it's going through the grapevine).  She went on, "I have a reason for asking: there's been a child here diagnosed with fifth disease, so you need to call your doctor to let them know there's been an exposure in the school."

Great.  Something new to scare me.  Though from what I've read, the chances of getting serious complications from an exposure are very low.  But still not any chance I want to take!  I called the RE's office, and the receptionist said she'd pass the message on and have one of the nurses call me back.  Well I waited all day for them to call, but in the meantime I just made sure to keep a good distance (as much as possible) from the kids and made sure to wash my hands plenty.  The nurse finally called again around 2:30 and said that they wanted me to come in tomorrow for a test to see if I've been exposed before.

I think my RE's office might be sick of seeing me after this week, lol!

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