Wednesday, September 21, 2011

....and growing!

The good news is... only 3 more days of PIO and then I get to switch to suppositories.  Hooray for booty relief!

Now, the GREAT news is still perfectly healthy and growing strong! Nearly doubled in size since last week (now 9mm).  And the heart rate is 144 bpm. I could spot it flickering away as soon as baby came on the screen!

The RE made sure to print out a few good u/s pics for me today.  This one is my favorite because even though I know the head is just beginning to form, it totally looks like baby is chowing down on yolk sac lol!


My next u/s is in 10 days, and the RE says we will be discussing invasive vs. non-invasive options for prenatal testing.  Oh boy will this be fun.  :)


  1. I am so so happy for you!!! That's one cute kiddo you've got there! I'm thinking pink right now, we'll see in 4 months lol!

  2. awww! That is incredible. This whole process is amazing! I'm so glad you get to ditch the PIO shots! How are you feeling otherwise?