Thursday, September 15, 2011

Baby, baby, can't you see my heartbeat?

(Ok, I meant to post this much earlier, but I was once again so exhausted I fell asleep very early)

Today's appointment (well, I guess yesterday afternoon's appointment) was just as perfect as we could have hoped for!  We had had a little bet going on how many babies we had.  DH thought 2, my [crazy] neighbor thought 3, and I thought 1.....

I won the bet.  I was kind of hoping that maybe it would be twins, but I just knew it was 1.  Everyone has been telling me "mother knows best."  I guess that's true.  :)

The absolute best part of yesterday, of course, was seeing that little flickering heartbeat!!! It was so magical!!!!!  And the heart rate was a very healthy 126 bpm! We are so thankful!!!!

Now the only *bad* thing about today, was that I asked the RE if I could PLEASE switch from injections to suppositories, but he wants me to continue the PIO for 10 more days and after next week's visit, he'll give me the ok to switch (maybe?).  Boooooooo.   I've been doing the PIO for 4 weeks now, I have HUGE lumps in my booty, and it's sooooooooooooooo sore.  But hey, I'll do whatever it takes to keep me & baby healthy.


  1. YAY! For seeing baby AND a hearbeat flicker :) That's amazing :) I didnt have to do the shots (kind of wish I did because I seem to have progesterone problems) but I dont envy you girls with the sore bottoms! I do the suppositories twice a day.

  2. SOOOOOOO ecstatic for you guys!!!

  3. Many congratulations coming your way! How exciting! PIO is such a PITA (literally) and here's to hoping that the next 10 days fly by!

  4. I can't imagine how amazing that must be to see your little one on the screen. Very exciting.