Friday, January 8, 2010

J-Lo no-no

So I was just sitting here at home browsing Facebook when I saw one of my friends posted a link to his blog.  His blog posted a link to this site.  My friend then went on to applaud J-Lo for recognizing the true Author and Creator of Life.

My response: Of course anybody would "prefer" the "natural method" of conceiving if it was possible for them. If a man or woman has a condition preventing them from conceiving through "natural methods," it is not necessarily God's way of divinely sterilizing them. God is still the Creator of life when sperm meets egg, regardless of whether it gets there "naturally" or in a petri dish.

Now I suppose in light of the plot of her new movie ("The Back-Up Plan") one can appreciate her decision IRL to not pursue IVF because of "not finding Mr. Right yet."  Maybe she didn't mean it as a judgemental comment, but it's just so funny how someone who has no trouble getting pregnant can say of those who can't, that it's "not meant to be." 


  1. While JLo has a right to make any decision she pleases about reproductive technology, I think more than anything, this speaks volumes about how Hollywood couples think about IVF and other fertility treatments. Normal people don't ever consider IVF unless they have trouble "the natural way." But with all the celebrities who seem to have so many twins and so many conceive in their 40s, it's hard to imagine they are all doing this without any treatment whatsoever. And I agree with you that it is so easy for people who never experienced IF to judge the choices other people make (and I find it funny that it seems so many of the people who make those statements also say that women are meant to be mothers).

  2. God creates all life. Period. Science can't even touch that - it may help and thank goodness it can. The simple fact remains that life only exists through God. Seems to me Ms. Lopez needs to be a little more sensitive in her statements.