Monday, January 18, 2010

2 down, 2 to go

Had an awesome time last night.  We had a double date with my bro & SIL.  We watched "The Lovely Bones" (which was ok but not as good as I expected) and went to eat at Macaroni Grill.  At dinner, DH decided to talk to them about our situation.  Had a good conversation about it and they were very respectful and understanding and I love them for that! :)

DH had already planned to tell his parents, so after we got home he called them.  I tried listening to what English I could pick up from the conversation, but ended up falling asleep.  I guess he was on the phone with them for a couple hours because he woke me up at 12:30.  He said his parents were ok, his mom cried a little bit and said "I don't want anything else, just get a kid as soon as you can." (Um...ok....we'll see what we can do...) 
He also found out/was reminded about some distant male relatives who never had children.  But his parents told him there was nobody they knew of in their family who ever had cystic fibrosis or any lung problems for that matter.  I know there is still a possibility of him carrying the gene, but the URA (unilateral renal agenesis) explanation is starting to seem more likely.  From what I have read, a fetus's kidneys and ureters develop at the same time as the vas deferens, so that would explain why missing vas deferens would be related to a missing kidney.  Also, adults who have URA tend to develop high blood pressure.  Almost all of DH's relatives (on both sides of the family) have HBP.  Hmmm.  Ok I know, I shouldn't jump to any conclusions.  Just got to wait a month until we do the u/s and see the bloodwork results.

Next step on the list: telling my parents.  We want to tell them in person, maybe as soon as this next weekend.  Now I just gotta prepare myself for the possibility of my mom asking stupid questions about IVF or my dad asking stuff like "have you been tithing?" or "this is because you married someone who's not a Christian."


  1. I'm glad that B was able to tell his parents about everything, despite a weird (negative?) comment from his mother. I hope that the u/s and bloodwork gives you some workable conclusions. Good luck telling your parents, I hope they supportive and dont offer too much horrible "advice" or crappy opinions.

  2. Yay for getting some of these conversations done!

    Hopefully your parents won't have much assvice and can just listen to you. There are some good links/websites to help people understand a little bit better (both the medical side and emotional). If I can find any of them, I'll send them to you.

  3. That's great you are getting these conversations done. I hope you can get the answers soon. Good luck telling your parents.