Monday, July 19, 2010

T minus 5 days to take-off

Ok maybe now it's more like 4 & 1/4....Still I can't believe how fast time has flown and here we are already, ready to start the drive on Saturday and move into our new apartment next Tuesday.  This last week has been filled with not us much packing as there should be, and much MUCH more time spent with family and friends....I am still not ready to say goodbye.

I'm having an especially hard time thinking of leaving my brother, SIL, & 3-yr-old nephew behind.  They live an hour away from us right now, but DH and I are really close with them- I'd say closer than any of our other family members.  We're just so much alike, share the same values and generally the same life philosophy.  DH and I have gotten to watch our nephew grow up and he's really close with us too.  But...he's only 3...and he doesn't quite grasp the concept of what it means that his aunt & uncle are "moving" or "going far far away for a long long time."  I'm sure he still thinks that he'll get to come to our house all the time or that we'll still come visit him and play with him a lot.  I hate that I'm going to miss watching him as he continues to grow.  I'm afraid he may start to forget us the longer we are away.

On a slightly different topic, I know a few of my family and friends are equally unhappy with my departure.  Maybe that's where technology can come in with it's sorry, pathetic, not-even-close attempt at filling the void.  I'm considering starting a separate blog so that my family and friends can follow up with us if they like.  I like this idea better than mass emailing, especially since it seems like a lot of times those emails will go to spam and never be read.  The thing is, I would need to keep it completely separate from this blog, using a different profile (we don't exactly want ALL of our family and friends reading our personal IF business, know what I mean?) But then I don't really want to "abandon" this blog while there's no IF treatments happening.  Actually, I know that won't happen because this blog is more personal with all my emotional ups and downs, and the one I'm thinking of starting would be a more cut-and-dry-this-is-what-we-did-this-month kinda thing.  I guess I just need to re-focus on what I want to use THIS blog for so I can devote time to 2 different blogs........

Ugh, this post is too depressing.  Please excuse my late-night ramblings.  I'll end it with a silly story about DH:
So for the past 3 &1/2 years, DH has had a wonderful time with all the glitz and glam of working at a gas station.  Yeah so what, it helps pay the bills.  Plus, the benefit of being able to get anything he needs from the convenience store (say, drinks and snacks and other necessities for going on road trips) and just subtracting it from his paycheck (or sometimes for freeeee).  Well everytime we've gone on a long drive, he'll always OVERSTOCK up on snacks and drinks from work.  He always does good on making sure I've got plenty of cold coffee and teas.  He'll ask me what kind of snacks I want.  Now usually if I'm on a long trip, I will be craving [unhealthy] stuff like gardettos, chex mix, pringles, wheat crackers, those little cake donuts, and sometimes honey roasted peanuts.  Every now and then I'll want fruity candies like skittles or gummy worms. (Ok yes yes I KNOW this is all very very bad stuff that I don't eat on a regular basis but it tides me over on a long drive).  Well then he comes home with oh maybe 1 or 2 packages of donut, a package of skittles, maybe 1 or 2 bags of chips that I like...and a buttload of either cheese flavored or extremely spicy flavored chips or nuts(which I don't much care for) and tons and tons of CANDY...and most of the candy he stashes up on is....CHOCOLATE(!!???!!!) Ok I love DH I really do, but he can be a dufus sometimes.  He still hasn't figured out that you can't bring chocolate on a long hot car ride.  Yesterday was his last day of work and he came home with the stash of drinks and snacks. So I look to see what he got and sure enough, there is the bag full of chocolate bars.  I grabbed a kit-kat bar mushy package and asked him how long this had been in the car.  He said 30 mins to an hour...then he says "Hey we can just put these in the freezer and then they'll be solid again"...... *SIGH*  For someone who tries to logically analyze everything, you'd think he'd figure out that if his favorite chocolate bars won't last an hour in the car, they won't even last 1 day of driving.  The candy is still in the freezer.  I guess he'll get to handle that chocolate surprise in his car if he still wants them.


  1. Wow, I can't believe that your move is almost here. It is really hard to leave and move away. I hope that you settle in quickly and find that it isn't so bad. People love visiting CA, too, so hopefully you can convince people to come and see you.

    Enjoy your chocolate soup on the drive!

  2. Put the chocolate in a cooler.... It'll make it a lot longer :-) Either that or I guess he can just suck melted chocolate out of the wrappers.

    Have a good move, travel safely, and enjoy Cali when you get there.