Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Infertility-friendly Songs

Lately, as I've been doing stuff around the house while listening to my diverse and random playlist of songs on itunes, I get to thinking that what this world needs is a lot more lyrics for the infertile.  Especially those sappy love songs about getting married and having a baby.....Or especially sleazy rapping lyrics about contraception.

I mean, don't you all think Gin & Juice would have been much better if Snoop said:
"So what you wanna do? Sheeit,
I got a missing pair of tubes and my homeboys do too!"

Then my thought about infertility-friendly songs got me curious, and with a quick search: Voila! Someone has already made a MUSICAL about infertility and all the fun and exciting invasive proceedings that go along with it.  I could only find 1 video on youtube, but it's pretty hilarious.  I need to find the whole recording of this musical, it looks awesome.

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