Monday, February 15, 2010

From Either/Or to Neither/Nor

Today we went to the urologist again for the bloodwork results & renal ultrasound.  As it turns out, both kidneys are there and intact.  All his hormone levels came back normal, AND he tested negative for all 36 panels of CF screening.  The Dr. said there's no way to test for ALL genetic possibilities, so there may still be a possibility of a mutation in the CFTR gene, but for now things are looking good!  Just an unexplained mutation.  Maybe DH should join the X-Men ;)

BTW, for those of you who were wondering, we finally got a chance to talk to my parents this past Friday.  And, it actually went pretty well.  My mom was starting to tear up a little but was fine. (I'm definitely glad we decided not to tell them back when all we knew was "0 sperm").  The only weird thing she said was "So there's no way they can do any kind of.....transplant for that?" Um, no.  My dad was pretty quiet, only spoke up when we talked about IVF.  When we said we would not selectively abort any embryos, he said that's the only problem he has with IVF.  And also said "And if it doesn't work out, you can always adopt."  To which I replied we still have intentions to adopt, even if we are able to have a biological child. 
Really my parents were only judgmental and giving stupid advice regarding our likely move to California.  You know, stuff like "It's too liberal out there" or "You don't want to teach in their schools"  when they haven't really seen it for themselves. 

So now, we're just on pause. Just going to relax and let "TTC" take the back seat as we start preparing for the move.  Gotta find something to blog about in the meantime...

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  1. I'm glad that your parents were mostly supportive. I think that selective reduction is a lot less common in IVF cycles than clomid. My doctor doesn't feel comfortable transfering more than 2 embryos for me- though I may push for 3.

    Hahaha... "It's too liberal out there" You should remind them that we have a republican governor!