Thursday, February 17, 2011

Step 2

I guess I had better quit putting this post off and give the blog world an update before too much time goes by ;)

Anyway, our visit with the urologist last month went great.  Only thing is we found out DH also has "incomplete" epididymis on both sides, which is I guess pretty common with CBAVD so not a big deal.  Also, he was not satisfied with our previous genetic screenings, as DH was only screened for 36 panels of CF, so he wanted ME to do at least a 90 panel one. (We were told "there's no way to test for all strands,"  but apparently there's tests for a hell of a lot more than 36 panels so go figure)

The urologist referred us to an RE that he works with a lot, and who would do the egg retrieval in the same OR, but we have to drive out to the valley for all office visits. (Just about a 30-minute drive though, so not too bad).  We had our initial visit with the RE this past Thursday to review our conditions and discuss a plan.  Strangely enough, whereas my previous RE did not think that I met the criteria for PCOS, this guy highly suspects that I do based on my history of irregular/ no ovulation and a slightly high testosterone level.  Once again, go figure.  Of course, PCOS is much less significant when your partner has CBAVD, but his concern is that it puts me at a higher risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome during the IVF process.  (Yikes!) So he wants me to come in next week for a glucose tolerance test to consider putting me on Metformin.  Ai-yi-yi. 

And he also wrote a prescription for me to go ahead and start on BC so that we'll be ready by June or July.  At first he wanted to give me Yaz, but I was really hesitant since I've heard a lot of bad things about it, so he gave me one called Deseon instead.  I gotta say, I find it pretty ironic that I am back on the pill "because I'm trying to get pregnant."  But it's nice to feel like we're moving forward.

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  1. How exciting to be moving forward. My husband also has CBAVD. Not many of us out there!